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Our Mode of Presentation is our unmistakable way of communicating. It ensures we are consistent and recognisable wherever we are. Like our visual identity, our Mode of Presentation builds trust with our audience and community and helps people connect with the Logos culture and ideas.

The following guidelines are for strategists, creatives, presenters, and anyone communicating on behalf of Logos.

Why Logos is Communicating

The Logos mission is to cultivate a community that will build the technology, culture, and governance framework necessary to launch network states.

Logos is dedicated to the cause of human liberty, and we believe launching network states is the best way to ensure liberty exists for generations to come.


Logos’ primary reason for communicating is to attract value-aligned people who are ready and willing to join us in building a free and prosperous future.

We attract value-aligned people by being honest about our intentions when we communicate. We lead with our mission and principles.

How We Communicate

Be Clear

Our only steadfast rule is whenever we communicate, we are clear. Use straightforward, simple language and structure. Avoid jargon. Write in good, professional, non-academic British English. Remember that the purpose of communicating is to be understood by the intended audience.

Tone of Voice


We are clear in our message. We are honest and earnest. We do not hide behind innuendo. We do not inflate for shock value, nor do we couch. We say things as they are. We’re straight-shooters.


What we are trying to accomplish puts us at odds with some of the most powerful entities on the planet. Despite that, we communicate with courage. We are confident in our convictions without getting into a flame war or bad-mouthing other projects. We take a stand for things we believe in.


Logos exists to help create a brighter future for all of humanity. Thus, the assumptions are there will be a future, and peace and prosperity are possible. We are upholding, advancing, and building, not fighting, hindering, or breaking. We do not doompost or brood.


On websites and blog posts, and during presentations, our tone leans serious and sober. We present ourselves as competent, reliable, and committed. Sometimes, we take that down a notch or two on socials.


Language: British English

Style guide: Oxford, including the Oxford Comma