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These 3D-rendered animations are used to promote Nomos, Waku, Nimbus, and Codex. Each protocol has its own and can be used in static or animated form. In some cases, these statues appear to have been previously broken and repaired in the style of Japanese Kintsugi (golden repair). This is a metaphor for the vision of Logos to rebuild the currently broken modern society with pieces of enlightenment and renaissance ideas.

Codex - data backbone, the archive, Atlas holding up the world

Nomos - David, ancient symbol of freedom and egalitarian values

Nimbus - Aphrodite with halo, lightness, symbol of love, attraction

Waku - Prometheus, delivering transformative technology


The selected illustration style is detailed and symmetrical, suggesting the subliminal or occult. The artwork can be simplified but should be strongly related back to one of the concepts.


Texture can be preferable, giving a layering or ageing effect to the work to suggest time or craft. Many digital illustrations can feel rushed or flat without a subtle texture effect, depending upon the execution.

HIO uses these abstracts for the Flash Hash episode covers.